“Music and Ministry” (Original watercolor 18″x24″-$2000). This is a portrait of  friends and neighbors and one of our summer community events.

The “ministry” portion is the inevitable effect when the instruments come out-neighbors move their blankets in toward the players while others pause for a while, or stop and listen, on the way to or from the food. It is never long into the playing when one cannot look up and notice that, even the shyest children have quietly crept up to the circle and stare, transfixed, at the players. Music is healing.

music and ministry

Music and ministry detail.  Watercolor is a wonderfully challenging medium-especially for portraiture and figurative work. I’m enjoying pushing the colors and looseness in my interpretation of the subjects and this very much is informing my next steps with my oils. In this piece, all of the foreground subjects are is shadow, hence the subdued tones and cool colors

music and ministry detail

“The Ancient Sentinel” ($1600, SOLD, collection of Bill and Suzanne Morris). As it has done for generations, a venerable oak stands watch at the edge of a woods,  it’s vast canopy looming over the edge of a sprawling grassy meadow. Portrait of a mature oak and grass meadow in late summer, original watercolor painting by Robert Stotts. 18″x24″+ frame .

This tree is one of the many fine oaks to be found at one of my favorite regional recreation areas-Chain of lakes State Park. As I was interested in a true iconic oak, this was my choice-a giant, gnarled, timeless  being who was around long before I was born, and who will, probably, be here long after I’m gone.

The fun and challenge was to try to convey some sense of  it’s massive canopy, which seems to go on endlessly. As I’ve said, one of the many gifts of practicing the arts, and of painting,in  particular, is that it your study allows you to really see the boundless beauty that is always around you.

acient sentinal adj cropped final

The following are the first of an ongoing study of mine exploring community-


“Summertime”- 18″x24″ watercolor (available for sale -$1900). This painting was done from photos of neighbors playing on the beach at the annual father’s day pig roast in our neighborhood. This was the first in the series of paintings that I started in the spring of 2009 exploring community, and was the start of my little bit of juju to hasten sunny days and warm weather :-) .


“past tents”- 18″x24″ watercolor (available for sale SOLD!- collection of Mr. and Mrs. Gary Zipfeld, thank you and enjoy). Also done from photos from our annual father’s day pig roast . The fabric tents and colorful canopies are elements that I immediately associate with this, and other summer events and good times, good food and drink , music, and leisure with friends and neighbors.


“the pit-master”- 15″x20″ watercolor (available for sale, framed -$1900). Again, from the well of inspiration that is my neighborhood, the pit-master and his daughter unloading the succulent roast pig that is the guest of honor at our father’s day pig roast . A young boy waits expectantly as friends enjoy the potluck under the yellow and white tent in the background. Simple pleasures.


“Harvest fair”- 15″x20″ watercolor (available for sale, framed -$2000). We went apple picking last years with friends and their children in Wisconsin. This is a scene from the little country fair that was going on at the orchard. Vendors with homemade wares, jams and jellies, apples and pies, and the men from the local firehouse grilling. In the background you can see the vintage firetruck that they set out for the kids to play on.


“Birdhouses”- 18″x24″ watercolor (available for sale -$2400). Another scene from the Wisconsin harvest fair. The apple barn is the backdrop to vendors selling their wares as families enjoy hot dogs, hamburgers, and fresh made donuts and cider on the picnic tables in the center of the field.

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